Skyrockets damage 17th century church

Inside the Gerolamini Church (photo from wikipedia)

Anthony M. Quattrone

A monumental 17th century church in downtown Naples, the Gerolomini, was damaged by skyrockets and fireworks which landed on its roof during the New Year’s celebrations.  The church, which contains important stuccos, paintings and sculptures, was reopened to the general public in September 2009, after being closed for almost thirty years.  The New Year’s blasts sent glass mosaics flying and caused several stuccos to detach from walls.  The police are conducting an investigation trying to identify who shot skyrockets and fireworks on to the roof of the church. 

Father Alessandro Marsano, rector of the Gerolamini, discovered the broken glass and the stuccos on the pavement of the Church on the morning of 1 January, when he opened the church doors for usual visits by tourists.  The fire department sealed off the area as a precautionary measure, especially because there are big pieces of broken glass on the verge of falling.  The police discovered on the bell tower several unexploded firecrackers, which had to be carefully removed by specialists.  According to local the Neapolitan daily, Il Mattino, the unexploded projectiles provide excellent leads for the police, who are concentrating their attention on several apartments whose balconies look directly upon the church.  The newspaper reports that the police are also reviewing several home movies shot during the midnight celebrations, which might provide additional leads regarding who is responsible for the damaged done to the monumental church.

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One response to “Skyrockets damage 17th century church

  1. Francesco

    Media cares about Naples and everything, talking about the same thing 24h/24h, I think I’ve heard the word “garbage” a houndred million times lately, but to me it seems like nothing has changed. Most probably the same will happen with this church. I understand celebrating the new year but it looked more like a third world war, each year the same old story: a tens of wounded, damages to monument, cars on fire and so on. I’m wondering if the problem is actually people and what’s wrong with them. The funny thing is that then the same people wonder why everyone complains about Naples. I’m Neapolitan but there are things I can’t stand.

    By the way, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple weeks now, great blog and articles.

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