Garbage crisis: landfills are almost full

The environmental health councilor for the city of Naples, Paolo Giacomelli, is concerned that there is no clear indication from Regional and Provincial officials where Naples should be dumping garbage as of Tuesday, 18 January 2011.  According to Giacomelli, Naples will continue dumping garbage in the landfills located in Chiaiano, Santa Maria Capua Vetere and Caivano with certainty only until the evening of 17 January 2011.  Giacomelli is also concerned that the dump in Chiaiano is almost at maximum capacity and that it has been necessary to slowdown the unloading of compactor trucks.  Giacomelli told “Il Mattino” that if no instructions arrive regarding where to send the collected garbage, “piles of garbage might reappear in the city of Naples”.  The landfill in Chiaiano will be full by March when it is expected to be closed.

According to the financial daily “Il Sole 24 Ore”, the European Commission’s Environment Directorate is investigating the garbage emergency in Naples.  The newspaper reports that the EU has contracted a French company from Paris, the Bio Intelligence Service, to conduct a study titled “Implementing EU waste legislation for Green Growth”.  According to the financial daily, the objective of the EU is ”to attempt to analyze under a microscope and with a cool mind the folly regarding the Neapolitan garbage crisis”.

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